(Lead Pastor/Administrator)

(Principal / Supervisor)

(DayCare Supervisor)

Mrs April McDowell

(DayCare Worker)

Staff Qualifications

We believe your child is the most important gift (next to eternal life for those that will accept it) God has given you. Therefore, only Godly, dedicated, healthy, qualified people will supervise your child.

Let's look at each of these characteristics:

1) Godly -- Character and reputation must be above reproach.

2) Dedicated -- must have and maintain an excellent work attendance record. Must love children with a burning desire to make them happy and adjusted in life.

3) Healthy -- must maintain regular health checkups.

4) Qualified -- must have training and experience to meet approval of the pastor, Deacon Board, Advisory Board. Must hold a current certificate of commissioning and be a born-again Christian.

​Each staff member is required to take an extensive training course provided by Accelerated Christian Education. The course sharpens staff expertise in areas such as educational relations. Staff is provided with periodic update training and seminars.